What to do if I haven’t got my “Semester Ticket” yet? antil

Only the “7-Day Ticket” for the area “TeutoOWL” is valid to be refunded. This ticket has different pricing levels. Please buy to level 7T (“Preisstufe 7T”). If possible please buy the ticket at the local public transport company in Bielefeld (“Mobiel”). Keep the tickets!

Who can get a ticket refund?

Everyone who did not get the Semester Ticket right in time to the start of the semester can get the refund, if the situation is caused by circumstances and NOT by your own. (For example if you were not able to sign in at Universitiy/U. of aplied science right in time).

How to refund my costs?

Use the office time of the Verkehrsgruppe (L4-128) or write an email to Verkehrsgruppe giving us the following informations:

  • Name
  • Firstname
  • Matrikelnummer
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Argument (Couldn’t sign in earlier, for example)

The “Verkehrsgruppe” keeps a list with everyone who is allowed to get the refund. This list will be confirmed with the Studierendensekretariat. After the confirmation (“Mobiel”) gets a copy of the list. If so you will receive an email your refund has been granted. Than you can go to the moBile-Service-Center at the Jahnplatz in Bielefeld and bring your tickets. There you get your refund.


1. Buy the “7-Day-Ticket” to pricing level 7T for the valid area “TeutoOWL”

2. Visit the “Verkehrsgruppe” or write an email with your personal informations

3. Wait for the email your refund was granted

4. Go to the mobile-Service-Center at the Jahnplatz and bring your tickets


If you feel unconfident dealing with the countersituation this may help you.

Print the text below and give it to the person at the counter. It is the german translation for “Hello I’m an international student and I didn’t get met Semesterticket yet. I’d like to buy a “7-Day-Ticket” pricing Level 7 for the valid area “TeutoOWL”. Thank you very much.” So you are ensured you get the right ticket!

Guten Tag, Ich bin internationaler Studierender und habe mein Semesterticket noch nicht bekommen. Daher möchte ich gerne ein 7-Tage-Ticket Preisstufe 7T für den Berereich TeutoOWL kaufen. Vielen Dank!

The next part ist a translation if you are at Mobiel to get the refund. Fill in your name bevore you print it. It says: “Hello. I’m here for the refund of my tickets I had to buy because my Semesterticket was late. My Name is _______ and here are the tickets I bought. Thank you very much!”

Guten Tag, ich bin internationaler Studierender und bin hier für die “7-Tage-Ticket-Rückerstattung”. Mein Name ist _________________ und ich habe die Tickets mitgebracht. Vielen Dank!